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Tetra GC 50 Gravel Cleaner

Tetra GC 50 Gravel Cleaner

£12.20 RRP: £16.85
Stock Status: In Stock

Convenient, easy-to-use gravel cleaner.


  • long hose length of 180cm and two fixation clips
  • High-speed starting valve to suck up the water
  • Protective grid prevents fish or gravel from being sucked off
  • Innovative control knob reacts to all movements of the gravel cleaner without kinking the tube
  • Triangular suction pipe construction enables the cleaning of all inaccessible areas and zones close to the aquarium glass
  • Contoured handle for easy, safe use
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Can be used to drain the aquarium completely
  • Durable for long-life
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