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Pontec PondoVario 1000 Fountain Pump

Pontec PondoVario 1000 Fountain Pump

£30.70 RRP: £41.99
Stock Status: In Stock

A perfect, and above all easily installed water feature for the garden pond or ornamental fountain. The fountain on this pump has a telescopic extension, with which you can adjust the overall height to the individual pond height. Perfectly suitable.

The set includes 4 additional fountain attachments for different water patterns. To suit your personal taste!

         Water pattern        Fountain height           Fountain diameter

  •  Vulkan                   80 cm                          80 cm
  •  Jets                       40 cm                          55 cm
  •  Bell                        -                                  20 cm
  •  Chalice                  -                                  20 cm

Technical Specifications:

  • Including 4 different water patterns!
  • High-capacity of 1000 l/h at just 11 watt!
  • Including thermal protection for safe use!
  • Including 3 year guarantee!

Beautiful and lively water feature for garden ponds or ornamental fountains!

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