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Pond Food

Nishikoi Growth Small Pellet

Nishikoi Growth Small Pellet

Nishikoi Growth Small Pellet

£7.94 RRP: £10.96
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Nishikoi Growth is a floating premium food for feeding to all pond fish and Koi during the summer months when the fish are active and their metabolism is high.

The 32% highly digestible protein enables the fish to utilise it very efficiently whilst helping to keep the pond water clean and healthy.

Growth also boasts a formulation of Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin along with stabilised Vitamin C giving your fish a much needed summer health food.

  • Available in various pack and pellet sizes.
  • Colour enhancers that show your fish to their best.
  • Complete & Balanced Formulation

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