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Aquarium Treatments

eSHa Gastropex Aquatic Snail Treatment 20ml

eSHa Gastropex Aquatic Snail Treatment 20ml

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eSHa Gastropex effectively combats aquatic snails in your aquarium. Use eSHa Gastropex to stop snails destroying aquatic plants and transmitting disease to your fish.

- Destroys all aquatic snails.
- Well tolerated by fish and plants.
- Clears cloudy water (bacterial blooms) and combats Hydra.
- No extra water change required after use.
- For tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria up to 500 litres / 130 US gallon / 110 UK gallons.

eSHa Gastropex can also be used as a preventative bath for new plants.
This prevents snail colonisation and the runaway growth of micro-organisms.

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