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Eheim Aquaball 180 Internal Filter

Eheim Aquaball 180 Internal Filter

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The ball is the trick. The round pump head sits in a ball joint. This enables adjustment of the outflow direction as required. The flow rate is set by the output regulator. And the power-diffusor adjusts the air flow. 

Due to its modular system the filter volume can be customised as required. The filter baskets are easy to clip in and remove and can be filled with a variety of filter media.  

The ball shaped pumphead sits in a ball joint and can be turned right round. Thus the outflow of the filtered water can be aimed in any direction. 

The pump output and throughflow can be set by the control knob  on the outflow nozzle. 

The  power-diffusor is adjusted to regulate the air intake and thus the oxygen enrichment in the aquarium. 

(Instead of the diffusor, other extension pieces can be used; see accessories)

Directly under the pumphead is a mediabox. It can be filled with:

  • a filter pad for mechanical-biological filtration, 
  • a fine filter pad for fine filtration/polishing,
  • bioMECH or SUBSTRATpro for biological filtration or
  • EHEIM AKTIV for adsorptive filtration.  

Also biological as well as adsorbtive filter cartridges or filter pads can be placed in the other filter modules.

aquaball has a modular construction. This means that by adding or removing filter modules (filter baskets) you can adjust the filter volume as necessary. 

  • For extending the filter use ExtensionSET2 
  • The filter baskets can be easily clipped together and released (Easy-Klick Locking System) 
  • Due to the modular construction the filter cartridges or media can be cleaned at different intervals thus preserving bacteria cultures.

aquaball sucks in water over a large surface area. The round filter modules are designed so that the water is absorbed evenly from all sides over almost the whole surface area. 

The holder for aquaball is simply fixed to the glass with suction cups. For cleaning, exchanging modules or filling with filter media, the filter is simply removed from its holder.

For aquariums up to approx: 180 Litres

Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approx: 210 l

Pumping head approx: 0.43 m

Power: 6 Watt

Filter volume: 0.46 l

Height: 270 mm

Dimensions in Ø: 96 mm

Freshwater: Yes

Seawater: Yes

Manufacturer guarantee: 3 Years

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