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Blagdon Pond Oxygenator Kit - 4 Outlets

Blagdon Pond Oxygenator Kit - 4 Outlets

£31.49 RRP: £70.99
Stock Status: In Stock
  • Four outlet, discrete outdoor weatherproof water garden air pump kit
  • Increases oxygen for a healthy pond.

Fish and pond life require oxygen rich water to remain healthy. Beneficial bacteria in the pond and filtration systems are essential to the break down of highly toxic ammonia and nitrates, they also require oxygen to flourish and keep the pond free from the build-up of toxic waste.
Using a Blagdon oxygenator in your pond will dramatically increase the level of oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels. Circulation and aeration prevents stagnation of the water.
Aeration is especially important during warm weather when water holds less oxygen. Oxygenating plants produce oxygen during the day but start to use oxygen at night, depleting the pond of oxygen. An oxygenator will provide a complete solution for healthy, oxygen rich pond throughout the day.
Aeration by air stone help keep an area ice free in the winter, preventing the build up of toxic gases which can be fatal to the fish and wildlife.
Using treatment and medications in your pond often reduce oxygen levels; adding aeration will benefit the fish and wildlife when they are at their most vulnerable.

  • Outdoor weatherproof water garden air pump
  • Complete kit
  • Increases oxygen in warm weather
  • Helps prevent freezing during the winter, reducing the potential build up of toxic gas.
  • Treatments and medications can reduce oxygen levels in your pond. Support your fish with additional aeration and circulation when they need it most.

Product Specifications:

  • Size(c) Medium Pond
  • Wattage 8.3w
  • Flow rate 640 ltr/hr
  • Outlets 4
  • Mains cable length 1.5m
  • Plug not included. In the UK it is illegal for manufacturers to supply an indoor use 3-pin plug with a fixed outdoor product for safety reasons. 
  • IP rating IPX4
  • Max pumping depth 1.6m
  • Voltage 230v
  • 50Hz

Pack Contains:

  • Four outlet air pump
  • 4xAir Stones
  • 4x 5m Air line
  • Brand:
  • Product Code: