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Blagdon LED Pond & Garden Lights - 5x1w

Blagdon LED Pond & Garden Lights - 5x1w

£49.99 RRP: £97.99
Stock Status: In Stock

Pond and garden LED feature light, a versatile lighting system for ponds and gardens.

Product overview:

  • 1 watt LED lights are highly versatile which can be placed around bedding, patios and in-pond.
  • Low running cost & long lasting with LED technology.
  • Safe and easy to install for outdoor use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 5x1w
  • Mains cable length: 3m
  • Low voltage cable length: 5m
  • IP rating: IP68

Pack Contains:

  • Five submersible, multi directional lamp housings
  • Five 1w replaceable LED spotlights
  • Outdoor weatherproof transformer
  • Two coloured lens covers
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  • Product Code: