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Askoll Pure L LED White (Local delivery only)

Askoll Pure L LED White       (Local delivery only)

Askoll Pure L LED White (Local delivery only)

Stock Status: In Stock

This product is for local delivery only to the following postcodes: All BR, TN13, TN14, TN15, TN16, DA4 and DA14. 

  • Freshwater aquarium
  • A light comes on to suggest you replace the main filter materials
  • LED lights on/off system controlled by a digital timer.
  • Askoll THERM L heater
  • Perfectly integrated into the natural scenery 
  • Convenient lids on the cover allow quick access to the tank, the filter and the lighting system
  • High water circulation thanks to the pump’s enhanced flow rate, able to filter water more than 4 times per hour
  • High-efficiency LED system dawn, sunset and moonlight effects
  • Cables are hidden by a proper spiral cable wrap

Technical features:

  • Dimensions: 56 x 36 x h 43,5cm
  • Capacity: 68 Litres
  • Filtration: 4-stage filtration system (coarse mechanical, fine mechanical, chemical and biological) concealed within the cover
  • Maximum filter flow rate: 330 L/h means water can be filtered more than 4 times per hour
  • Maximum pump flow rate: 680 L/h
  • Lighting: High-efficiency LED system with dawn, sunset and moonlight effects, with automatic daily cycle. Inclusive of digital timer with touch controls and LED driver. The system consists of 32 white LEDs with 6500K + 3 blue LEDs, with an intensity of 1180 Lumen and 8W power (LED only)
  • Heater capacity: 100w