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Askoll Pure Filter Media Kit M/L/XL

Askoll Pure Filter Media Kit M/L/XL

£11.72 RRP: £15.49
Stock Status: In Stock

What you need to keep your aquarium Askoll PURE or Askoll PURE LED M, L or XL in tip top condition. The maintenance kit contains the spare materials required to maintain the filter system: just open the lid and replace the bags or filter sponges with those supplied following the recommended schedule, and the aquatic world is easily maintained

These are all dry operations - like inserting a capsule in the coffee machine - so there is no need to get your hands wet.


  •  Sponge for mechanical and biologic filtration
  •  2 x Triple Action cartridges for chemical filtration with a new mixture comprising activated carbon, anti-nitrates and anti-phosphates
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