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Aquarium Accessories

Askoll CO2 Pro Green System

Askoll CO2 Pro Green System

£123.75 RRP: £154.49
Stock Status: In Stock

Complete kit for CO2 integration in aquarium.

Easy and handy, it ensures excellent results: lush greenery and healthy fish.

Self-adjusting pressure reducer: provided with precision regulation, an internal safety valve and a non-return valve.

Kit Contains:

  • Disposable 500 g bottle
  • Diffuser/bubble-counter with the exclusive sintered porous unit 
  • Pressure reducer with piston, safety valve and non-return valve 
  • Flexible anti-dispersion connection hose in polyurethane  
  • High-precision and high-sensitivity regulation Allen key

Bottle weight: 500g

Estimated duration: 1 year (at 4 bubbles per minute)

For aquariums up to 200 litres

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