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Coolings Green & Pleasant
Main Road, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LJ

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Monday to Saturday
and Public Holidays: 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

As a pet shop, we are exempt from the government's ban on shop closures. So we cautiously welcome you if you need any supplies during this time. However, whilst in the shop please observe the rules on social distancing in order to keep yourselves, other people and our team safe and well.
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Meet the Weald Aquatics team

One of our most important principles at Weald is that we only employ people who love and understand fish. In most shops in a slack moment you might hear the staff discussing football or what they did on their night out. If you could overhear the guys at Weald Aquatics chatting then you'd hear them waxing lyrical over their latest aquascaping project or what fish they are planning to add to their aquarium.

Let's meet the team...


The Big Boss

Having worked in various industries during his working life, Gary set up Weald Aquatics with his non-executive co-director Dave in 2010 after having managed Keston Aquarium for 11 years.

With his all-round knowledge of things aquatic, Gary is able to help with any customer enquiry and solve any problem. His well-kept secret is that he is an electronics wizard so any issue relating to aquarium or pond electricals is right up his street.

His favourite fish is the colourful clown loach, an example of which can be seen in our cichlid display aquarium.


Fanatical About Fish

Rebecca has been keeping fish since she was eight years old. She has a Juwel Rekord 800 with Penguin tetras, Neons, Rosy barbs, Scissortails, Flying Foxes, Amano shrimp and stripped snails as well as another aquarium with an 11 year old goldfish.

Rebecca worked in a pub, but says that working with fish is a lot less trouble than dealing with drunkards!

She's an animal lover with two dogs and a rabbit and also enjoys horse riding.


The Meticulous Maintenance Man

Andy has 20 years' experience in the aquatics industry and worked at Keston Aquarium for a number of years.

Andy has now taken over our aquarium maintenance service and has a meticulous eye for detail as well as bags of enthusiasm.

He also still works a couple of days a week at the shop looking after the Marines and Cichlids and serving customers.

At home, Andy has installed a Juwel Rio 240 aquarium populated with African cichlids, his favourite type of fish.