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Pond maintenance

A well-maintained pond can form a stunning centrepiece to your garden. If keeping it maintained is a chore then why not let us do the hard work?

We can clean the pond and fit filtration equipment as well as carrying out other maintenance tasks on your pond. We have three levels of pond service: a full service, half service and mini service. Please contact us for more detailed information regarding the work carried out on each service.

Case study - Glebe Housing Association

The pond in the grounds of Glebe Housing Association in West Wickham was looking very sorry for itself and we were called in to restore it to its former glory.

The 25,000-litre pond was given a thorough clean with sludge and debris being vacuumed out before new equipment was installed in the form of a new Oase pond filter, a Bermuda fountain pump and a Bermuda Bioforce filter pump. We also installed a ProClear UV filter.

Finally, the pond was treated with 6kg of Cloverleaf's Blanket Answer to help keep down blanketweed.

The pictures show the before and after shots of the pond and you can clearly see the difference.