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Wednesday 10 April 2019

Weald Aquatics Awarded 5-Star Rating

From 1st January 2019 the license to run a pet business was updated from the Pet Animals Act 1951 to The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018. This is to ensure animal welfare and also regulate unlicensed/licensed pet businesses dealing with animals, either trading online or on the high street.

This new regulation has been introduced to promote animal welfare and to show which businesses have the best practices in animal husbandry by the introduction of a star rating for the business. The rating goes from the lowest, 1-star, showing the business needs improving, to the highest 5-star award, showing the business meets the highest standards set by the new act.

Here at Weald Aquatics we have received the highest rating of 5 stars, showing we have met the highest standards for livestock welfare, water quality, staff knowledge, qualifications and overall quality of service. 

Having achieved the highest rating in 2019 we will continue to maintain and improve our quality of service and livestock, giving our customers comfort knowing the livestock they purchase have been maintained under the strictest conditions set out in the new act.

5-star pet licence - Weald Aquatics

Weald's 5-Star pet licence