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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Product focus - new range of Blagdon pond pumps

We now have in stock the new range of energy saving pond pumps from Blagdon.

These are all low-maintenance yet high-performance, energy-saving pond pumps for waterfalls. Digital motors convert less electrical energy to heat than a conventional pump motor, saving energy. The microprocessor control and monitoring allows a host of convenient and energy-saving features for your pond or water feature.

If the pump detects the motor is clogged or jammed the motor protection system will pause and display an alert. When the clogging has been removed the pump can safely restart.

Run-dry protection system protects the pump when it has run out of water, pausing and displaying an alert. When water has been added the pump will safely restart.

There are 4 models and the tables on this page show details of each one:

Product Suggested maximum pond volume
Amphibious IQ 2250-4500 15-25w 7,350 litres / 1,617 gallons
Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 17-35w 8,850 litres / 1,947 gallons
Amphibious IQ 4500-9000 30-60W 13,050 litres / 2,871 gallons
Amphibious IQ 6000-12000 40-85w 16,800 litres / 3,695 gallons