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Friday 16 February 2018

Product focus - The new BiOrb Cube

BiOrb have added to their aquarium range with the new Cube.

The Cube is a new approach to a traditional shape with clean lines and open space for aquascaping, allowing you to set your creativity free inside this well-proportioned aquarium. It will frame your underwater creation perfectly.

As with all BiOrbs, the Cube is made of acrylic and comes complete with a filter and a programmable LED light unit.

Available in two sizes and three colours – black, white and transparent.

  • 30 litre: 32cm length x 32cm width x 34.5cm height 
  • 60 litre: 40cm length x 40cm width x 43.3cm height

Both the Cubes can be upgraded to a tropical aquarium with the addition of the BiOrb heater kit. Also, you can aquascape your Cube with ornaments and plants from the BiOrb range of decorations.

  • 30 litre Cube £241.99
  • 60 litre Cube £327.99