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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Product focus - TMC REEF-Cam Underwater Camera

The TMC Reef-Cam is a live streaming underwater camera which allows you to keep watch over your underwater world from anywhere and also share views of your aquarium with friends and relatives.

It is controllable from a smartphone or tablet via the Reef-Cam app and is Micro SD card-ready for saving video recordings and photos. An innovative micro design (camera head 26mm x 26mm x 19mm) allows the camera to be easily installed in the aquarium. It is attached to the glass either by suction mount or magnet mount. A multi-directional pivoting ball joint bracket allows 360-degree rotation and easy positioning. The camera can be removed from the mounting bracket and placed among the rock work for even closer views of your fish.

It can be used in either freshwater or marine aquariums.

TMC REEF-Cam price £139.99

Here’s a short video of the camera in action.