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Friday 27 October 2017

Product focus - TMC REEF-Tide DC Circulation Pump

Adding to their range of circulation pumps TMC have brought out two new fully-controllable DC circulation pumps.

REEF-Tide Compact 6000

This pump is suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums and with its compact unobtrusive design it can be easily hidden in aquariums where space is limited.

It is fixed in the aquarium by a high-quality, fully-adjustable magnet on an anti-vibration rubber pad for a quiet operation.

It comes complete with two interchangeable nozzles, giving unique and varied wave motions These are also fully controllable using the supplied controller with four pre-set wave patterns.

More features:

  • Multiple time-setting periods enable wave settings to be programed to replicate the natural movement found on the reef.
  • Push-button ‘feed timer’ slows the water for 10 minutes to allow fish to feed.
  • Ceramic impellor shaft offers maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Flow rate 1500l/h to 6000l/h.
  • Low voltage 24v.

We have set up a Reef-Tide compact in our Rio 450 cichlid show aquarium. Drop in and have Andy show you the different programs available.

REEF-Tide 6000

The features are as for the REEF-Tide Compact 6000 but it does not include the interchangeable nozzles or the compact design.

Both DC circulating pumps are £79.99

TMC REEF-Tide DC Circulation Pump

TMC REEF-Tide DC Circulation Pumps

REEF-Tide Compact 6000

REEF-Tide Compact 6000

REEF-Tide 6000

REEF-Tide 6000