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Friday 29 September 2017

Product Focus - TMC Zetlight UFO LED Unit

New from TMC is the Marine LED Zetlight UFO. Ideal for open top aquariums, it can be attached to the aquarium via a bracket or suspended from the ceiling using the cable supplied.

The Zetlight LED uses Hybrid-z technology which combines different lights to give an effective colour ratio and a full bio spectrum ensuring optimum growth. Fluorescence, with a high level of colour saturation, is also greatly improved.

Control of the Zetlight LED is via a touch button on the light unit giving 5 different light levels or via an app (iOS and Android) using the Zetlight Wi-Fi switch A100.

When in Wi-Fi mode there are a number of settings available including a professional control panel mode, manual lighting mode, manual cloudy mode and a demo mode. Depending on what corals and fish you have in your aquarium, the Zetlight will have a light setting to suit.

The price for the Zetlight is £339.99 and the Wi-Fi switch is £59.99.

The light is ideal for aquariums between 30cm length x 30cm height x 30cm width and 90cm length x 60cm height x 60cm width

For more information and a demonstration on the Marine LED Zetlight UFO, please drop into the shop.