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Thursday 27 July 2017

Another new Range of NT Products

Continuing our close association with local manufacture NT Labs, we have added another range of their pond foods to the existing display of products.

The three new products now come in clear packaging allowing you to see the size of pellet for feeding your fish.

Summer Pond Food

A complete high protein diet for all your pond fish including goldfish, shubunkins and orfe. NTLabs Summer Pond can be used throughout the growing season and, due to the use of high-quality ingredients, there is less waste to cause problems in the pond.

190g £6.99

Multi Season Pond Food

A lower protein food ideal for feeding from March to October and suitable for goldfish, shubunkins and orfe. With the inclusion of Spirulina and high-quality ingredients, the Multi Season Food will enhance the colours of your fish and create less waste for the pond.

190g £6.99

Sinking Pond Food

A fast-sinking food for all tench, sturgeon and all other fish species which prefer the lower levels of the pond. With added stimune and high-quality ingredients Sinking Pond Food will support the immune system of your pond fish.

300g £7.99