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Thursday 27 July 2017

Banned pond plants

Update on the EU banned pond plants

Water Hyacinths

We have been informed by our suppliers the ban on Water Hyacinths Eichornia crassipes major  by the EU is now subject to a local risk assessment.

As we live in northern Europe it has been deemed the floating Water Hyacinths Eichornia crassipes major are not a threat to the native ecosystem, and so we are allowed to carry on selling the plants. Water Hyacinths have very fibrous roots which are very good at absorbing nutrients from your pond water. This in turn helps to keep your pond clear of many forms of algae.

Oxygenating Plant

The oxygenating plant Elodea Crispa Lagarosiphon major has been deemed a major threat to the native ecosystem so will be banned  from the 3rd August. We will have a replacement oxygenating plant to replace the Elodea Crispa when the ban comes into force.

Water hyacinth

Water Hyacinths Eichornia crassipes major