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Thursday 22 June 2017

Vitalis Freshwater and Marine Food - more in stock

We have now added even more Vitalis marine and freshwater food to our wide range of stocked Vitalis aquarium foods.

For tropical freshwater fish we have all the African, South American and discus cichlid foods. For catfish and algae eating fish we have a range of pellets, and for all community fish there are tropical flakes and pellets.

Goldfish flakes and pellets are also available for all aquarium coldwater fish.

On the marine side there are flakes and pellets for both omnivorous and herbivorous fish and for invertebrates we have pellets for LPS and SPS corals and anemone pellets for all anemones and large LPS corals.

All Vitalis fish food is manufactured in South Yorkshire using bespoke machinery developed in-house by the Vitalis technical team and is produced in small, carefully controlled batches. The Vitalis diets are tailored to meet the specific nutritional requirements of your fish. Whether they are carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous they will be getting a complete easily digestible diet that will keep them in the best physical condition.