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Monday 8 May 2017

Now in Stock the Blagdon Affinity Pools

If you do not have room for a pond in your garden or would like a pond on the patio, then the Blagdon Affinity pools are the answer. Ideal for goldfish, the pools are available in three sizes in two different designs.

The pools are flat-packed complete with liner, side viewing windows, LED lighting and filtration. Following the in-depth instructions your Affinity pool should be up and running within a couple of hours. Marginal pond plants can then be added using the supplied baskets.

To help customers we can assemble the Affinity Pools for a small fee.

Drop into the shop to see our display of Affinity Pools.

Affinity Grand Half Moon 480 litres   £499.99
Affinity Grand Octagon 708 litres £499.99
Affinity Mocha Half Moon 336 litres £389.99
Affinity Mocha Octagon 400 litres £389.99
Affinity View Half Moon 133 litres £239.99
Affinity View Octagon 144 litres £239.99