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Thursday 13 April 2017

Our New and Improved Aquarium Maintenance Service

We are delighted to announce that Serge Tasic has now joined the Weald Aquatics team to carry out all existing freshwater and marine aquarium maintenance servicing and installations.

Serge will also be taking on new customer aquarium maintenance for both retail and trade installations. So if you are finding looking after your aquarium is time consuming or becoming a chore, give us a call and we will give you a quote for Serge to come and service your aquarium.

Serge has a strong background in fishkeeping as he has been a keen fish hobbyist for more than 15 years and now has a separate fish house full of corals and aquariums.

We've updated and improved the maintenance service following feedback from our customers and we are getting a great response from our customers to the new and improved service.

Weald Aquatics aquarium maintenance - Serge Tasic

Serge standing by the Weald van