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Thursday 9 March 2017

New Range of NT Products

We are always keen to support local suppliers and last year we teamed up with NT Labs of Paddock Wood to become an authorised dealer.

We now have in stock the full range of NT Labs Pro-f aquarium foods including the Predator and Algae fish food.

The NT Labs Pro-f Predator floating pellets are for all larger Cichlids such as Oscars, Severums and Arowanas. The Pro-f Predator sinking pellets are for all large catfish such as Redtails and Tiger Shovelnose.

The Pro-f Algae wafers will provide a nutritional complete diet for all bottom feeding species such as Plecos, Otocinclus and Loaches. We also feed the algae wafers to other fish including Gourami and Guppies.

Algae Wafers 350g  £19.99
Algae Wafers 110g £8.99
Algae Wafers 40g £4.49
Predator Floating 360g £16.99
Predator Floating 125g £9.99
Predator Sinking   165g £16.99

For problems with your water quality or fish we now have in stock the complete range of NT Labs pond, freshwater and marine treatments. As the pond season is near we will be adding to the stock of NT Labs pond food to complete the pond food range.

NT Labs fish food

NT Labs Pro-f Predator floating pellets, sinking pellets and algae wafers