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Friday 21 October 2016

Product Focus - Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium and Pure Pond

Both Pure Aquarium and Pure Pond bacterial balls will help to keep your aquarium and pond healthy and crystal clear.

Pure Aquarium is a bacterial treatment for all sizes of aquariums. Inside each ball there are millions of live bacteria and enzymes. Once added to your aquarium, the bacteria and enzymes inside each ball will start to break down the ammonia and nitrite in the aquarium water which are often the cause of poor water clarity.

Adding 1 x Ball per 12.5 litres of aquarium water once a week will keep your aquarium crystal clear and healthy. It can also be used to mature a filter in a new aquarium.

To also keep your pond water crystal clear and healthy, there are Pure Pond Balls and a Pure Pond Bomb. To maintain your pond water quality add the Pure Pond Balls or the Pure Pond Bomb monthly.

Both products won the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Product of the Year 2014.

Pure Aquarium 50 Balls will treat 625 litres £9.95
Pure Pond 1 litre will treat 20,000 Litres £14.95

Note: Prices correct at time of publishing this news item.