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Coolings Green & Pleasant
Main Road, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LJ

01959 532 963

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Monday to Saturday
and Public Holidays: 09:00 - 17:30
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If you have an aquarium or a pond and live in Kent and the surrounding areas, we can supply you with all you need. Gary, Andy and the Weald Aquatics team have been in the business for over 20 years and have a wide range of knowledge and experience.

From our shop in Knockholt, we serve Orpington, Sevenoaks, Bromley, and Keston as well as Kent and the South-East. We look forward to seeing you soon but if you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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The latest from the Weald Aquatics blog

Andy's new aquarium - and the magic of a UV filter

Not our Andy but a customer, Andy Bruce who wanted to write a piece for our website about his new aquarium. Last October I took the big step of buying a Juwel Rio 240 from Gary at Weald Aquatics. Dutifully I went through the Nitrogen Cycle and added fish carefully over a period of time. By the beginning of December my tank had finished cycling and everything seemed to be going well, until...

A fantastic fish - the torpedo barb Puntius Denisonii

There is a fish we keep in the shop which has become incredibly popular recently - I'm talking about the Denisonii or torpedo barb Puntius Denisonii.

Keeping water features clean

As with aquariums and ponds, outdoor water features will become unsightly, dirty and full of algae over a period of time. To maintain a clean water feature, the pump, whether mains or solar-powered, should be cleaned frequently.

Where in the world is Weald Aquatics?

We are based at Coolings Green & Pleasant in Knockholt, Kent where you can also get a great cup of coffee and a meal whilst stocking up your aquarium or pond!

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Map of Weald Aquatics in Knockholt shwoing Orpington and Sevenoaks