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Why Is My Aquarium Water Cloudy?

Blog post written by Gary | 26 August 2016 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

Cloudy water normally affects new aquarium setups; however it can also become a problem in an established aquarium.

There are usually two causes of cloudy water in the aquarium:


Fine particles floating in the water not being removed by the filter system.

To clear the cloudy aquarium, a number of 30% water changes can be carried out. Alternatively use an aquarium treatment such as Tetra CrystalWater which binds the small particles into larger particles making the filter more effective. The aquarium will normally become crystal clear in 12 hours.

To avoid a cloudy aquarium when either setting up a new aquarium or replacing the gravel, make sure the gravel is thoroughly washed using cold tap water.


Lack of beneficial bacteria in the filter system.

This milky cloudiness can again be cleared by a number of 30% water changes and also adding into the aquarium beneficial bacteria such as Bacterlife or Stress Zyme. The milky cloudiness can take a couple of days to disappear.

By not adding too many fish too quickly to a newly set up aquarium and not washing all the filter media in tap water you can avoid a milky cloudy aquarium.


A range of treatments you can use to get rid of cloudy water
A range of treatments you can use to get rid of cloudy water