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Why do we use a water conditioner?

Blog post written by Gary | 15 January 2016 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

Mains tap water is treated with chlorine or chloramines which are disinfectants, both being toxic to aquatic life. Also found in tap water are the heavy metals: copper, zinc and lead. Again these are very toxic to all aquatic inhabitants.

The effect that toxic chemicals have on fish in the aquarium is that chlorine destroys the gill tissue causing suffocation, and chloramines which pass through the gills and then enter the bloodstream, lead the iron in the blood cells to bind, preventing them from carrying oxygen essentially suffocating the fish.

By treating your tap water with a quality water conditioner it will prevent the toxic chemicals from harming your fish. All of our water conditioners work by instantly neutralising both the chlorine and chloramines and completely binding the heavy metals present in tap water.

Water conditioners also add essential elements including iodine and magnesium to the water along with added vitamins to keep your fish healthy. Gill and mucous membranes on the fish are also protected along with added bio colloids for beneficial bacteria growth. 


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