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Where have all the big fish gone?

Blog post written by Andy | 15 January 2014 | Category: Tropical fish

As most of you who come into the shop know, the biggest aquarium we have set up is our 450 litre African Cichlid show tank which was filled with a fantastic assortment of large fish.

That was until recently.

Lots of customers have been asking where all of the fish have gone so I thought I would use this post to let everyone know what's happening.

We try to help customers in any way we can in the shop and one thing we do is rehome fish for people. If they outgrow the aquarium or people's circumstances change and they can't keep them anymore, we will do our best to take them in and pass them on to people who will give the fish a good home.

Not all shops offer this service as you can never guarantee the fish coming in are 100 % healthy and you have to trust the customer that they are.

Last month we acquired some fish for rehoming. We took them in and moved the larger ones to our cichlid tank whilst waiting to call certain customers we know who have tanks big enough to take them.

Unfortunately after a day the new fish became very lethargic and patchy in colour. We informed the people that were coming in to take them that we weren't happy with the way the fish looked and to leave them with us for a while. The problem very quickly spread to some of the other fish in our tank and it's then that we knew we had a serious problem. We took all the fish out to treat them and put them in quarantine whilst we treated the aquarium.

Sadly over time we lost around 40% of the original fish as well as all the newly-acquired fish.

We were all very upset as the tank looked amazing and you all seemed to love it as much as we did. I had been looking after some of those fish for several years and being as we are all fish crazy it's never nice to lose any kind of fish.

Unfortunately it seems the fish that were brought in had some type of bacterial problem. The remaining fish made a full recovery and we have since moved them into other aquariums and they are all happy in their new homes.

It just goes to show that even the experts can have problems!

So I have a blank canvas to work from again. I have started stocking the aquarium with more cichlids but I'm sticking to one family of brightly coloured fish which are incredibly interesting to watch. You can see a picture of them below showing that the re-stocked tank is coming along nicely. I would love to know what you think.

I promise the next setup will look just as good if not better than the last one!


Cichlid show tank
We're restocking the cichlid display aquarium. It's already looking good and it's going to look even better very soon!