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When to change the filter media in a Juwel aquarium

Blog post written by Gary | 04 September 2014 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

To help our customers with Juwel aquariums keep their filter systems in good working order, we have with the assistance of Juwel assembled a timetable to show when filters should be changed and a list of the new names for the Juwel filter media.

Juwel media name change

Previous Name     New Name
Poly Pad    bioPad
Carbon Sponge  bioCarb
Nitrax Nitrax
Filter Sponge Coarse  bioPlus coarse
Filter Sponge Fine  bioPlus fine
Cirax Cirax
Phorax Phorax

Juwel filter change timetable

bioPad    Weekly
bioCarb    Monthly
Nitrax Two Months
bioPlus Coarse   Three Months
bioPlus Fine    Nine Months
*Cirax   Twelve Months
*Phorax    Two Weeks
*Carbax    Two Months

*If you have the optional filter media fitted.

For the positioning of the filter media please see the drawing below. You can also download this image as a PDF file for easier legibility by clicking here. The above timetable is for all aquariums in the Juwel range.


Juwel factsheet