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Using salt in aquariums and ponds

Blog post written by Gary | 25 August 2017 | Category: Pond maintenance

Using aquatic salt in aquariums and ponds has many benefits and helps to keep your fish fit and healthy.

Salt will help in the following ways:

  • Reducing fish stress
  • Stabilising water quality
  • As a general tonic
  • Protecting fish against harmful nitrite
  • Improving the function of the gills
  • Reducing the osmotic shock caused by ulcers or wounds
  • Can be used with most aquarium and pond treatments to increase effectiveness

Salt dosage is usually used in 3 different concentrations:

  • 0.1% as a general tonic and mild pH buffer
  • 0.3% to minimize stress
  • 0.9% to help when treating for dropsy, ulcers and fungus

Pond salt can also be used as a tonic dip at a concentration 28g per litre for 2-3 minutes which will clean the skin thoroughly.

Aquatic salt is best dissolved before adding into the aquarium or pond. Once added it will remain indefinitely and will only need replacing when a water change is carried out.


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