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Using backgrounds to enhance your aquarium

Blog post written by Gary | 26 October 2017 | Category: Aquarium equipment

Having a background fitted to the aquarium, whether it’s a picture on the outside of the aquarium or a 3D resin rock face on the inside, will enhance the look of the aquarium as you will not see a bland wallpaper pattern behind the aquarium or other objects to distract you from the fish.

Picture backgrounds used to be attached to the outside back of the aquarium using either double-sided stickers or sticky tape. This caused a problem over time as water would drip down between the back of the aquarium glass and the background leaving dirty, streaky water marks.

To solve this problem a liquid glue is available which allows the picture background to be attached to the aquarium without bubbles or streaky marks, giving a crystal-clear picture for many years. If you wish to change the background it can be peeled off and a new background fitted.

For a more natural look in the aquarium, a 3D background can be fitted. This will need to be done before the aquarium is filled with water as it is fitted inside the aquarium using a silicone glue which will need 24 hours to set.

3D backgrounds are available to fit most aquariums. These include a number of different types of rock and colour features. In the Juwel range of backgrounds, filter covers are available to blend in with the 3D background disguising the filter box.


Some of the Juwel aquarium backgrounds
Some of the Juwel aquarium backgrounds