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Tom - One year on

Blog post written by Tom | 07 August 2019 | Category: General fishy ramblings

Tom joined Weald Aquatics from Fish ‘n’ Things a year ago, bringing a new level of knowledge on fishkeeping. He studied at Writtle University College for two years, and gained qualifications applicable for the aquatics trade:

  • Aquatic Husbandry and Management.
  • Animal Nutrition.
  • Exotic Animal Health and Husbandry.
  • Animal Management.

We asked Tom to write about his first year at Weald and the fish and pets he keeps at home.

Tom’s story

A year on since I first started working for Weald Aquatics I am shocked by how fast the time has gone, yet it feels like I have been here for a lot longer.

My understanding of everything aquatic when I joined Weald was at a high level but has improved even more and continues to increase every day. I have also built a good rapport with many customers who have made it very easy for me to settle in.

When I first started at Weald I only had a Fluval Flex 57 litre aquarium containing a spotted pufferfish and a bristlenose.

Since starting at Weald the Fluval Flex has changed and now has four juvenile puffers and some Synodontis petricolas.I have also added a Juwel Rio 125 containing a selection of barbs, four ancistrus, two pearl gouramis and an African clawed frog. Finally, I have obtained a Juwel Lido 200 which will be set up so I can move the fish from the Juwel Rio 125.

As well as fish I also have six lizards, five snakes, four tarantulas and one toad. Other animals include cats and dogs.


Tom's Rio 125 containing: Melon barbs, Black ruby Barbs, Pearl Gourami x 2, Bristlenose x 4 (One is gold), a synodontis, Asian Bumblebee catfish x 2, Albino African clawed frog and Rainbow shark.


In the Flex he currently has: Green Spotted puffers x 4 (all juveniles), Synodontis petricola x 3 (all juveniles), Albino corydoras x 4, Bumblebee gobies x 4.


Tom hard at work in the shop