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The Yellow Tail Damsel

Blog post written by Andy | 22 June 2017 | Category: Marine fish

As with all things in fishkeeping you are going to hear lots of different opinions on the same subject. It’s a minefield. Fish compatibility is one such area.

People in marine fishkeeping either love or hate Damsel fish. If it's the latter, it's usually because of one bad experience, but I think they are a fantastic family of fish and this is one of my favourites.

The Yellow tail blue Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema) or YTB as it's commonly called, is an absolutely stunning fish. It grows to a maximum of three inches and is a shoaling fish. I tend to recommend groups of six or more, ideally added at the same time to avoid aggression. They are a rich blue colour with a bright yellow tail (the clue was in the name wasn’t it!) and are reef safe. They add an instant splash of colour to any marine setup. A group of these darting in and out of a coral setup look spectacular. They are a very robust fish and are often recommended as the first fish into a system.

They can be aggressive, but I have found that tends to be with fish kept on their own. They very rarely cause any damage to other fish. Males will tend to find an area of the tank they like and chase away anything that comes near. We have a shoal of eight in our main display aquarium and they cause no trouble with any of their tank mates. They enjoy decent flow in an aquarium and are often seen 'playing' in front of power heads. A varied diet of brine shrimp and Mysis will keep this fish happy. They have been known to breed in a home aquarium given a big enough tank and the right ratio of males and females.

I think the YTB is one of the most peaceful Damsels available and certainly one of the most attractive. They are robust, inexpensive, like being kept in groups and reef safe. A great addition to any marine aquarium.


The Yellow Tail Damsel
The Yellow Tail Damsel (Chrysiptera parasema)
By Carl Malamud [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons