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The Venestus Cichlid (African Cichlid)

Blog post written by Andy | 29 June 2016 | Category: Tropical fish

As many of you know, I keep cichlids at home. I find them fascinating to watch and some of their colours and patterns are as close to marine fish as you can get.

One of the most popular we sell is the Venestus (Nimbochromis Venestus) or Giraffe Cichlid as it is sometimes known. It's a great fish to keep for the larger aquarium.

They start off as yellow juveniles with brown 'splodges' all over their body hence being likened to a giraffe. They keep these markings as they get older but males develop a bright blue metallic looking head which appears to almost glow when they display to females. They do become large, anywhere from 6” to 10” so a decent size aquarium is important.

They are a predatory fish so tank mates must be a good size if you are putting an adult into a set-up. They prefer open sandy areas so unlike Mbuna, don't require as much rock work. You should still provide hiding places but keep areas open. In the wild they are ambush predators and lay partially buried in sand waiting for juvenile fish to come out of their protective caves to investigate then..... GULP!

They enjoy a varied diet and if kept well fed will grow quickly so as with all cichlids powerful filtration and regular water changes are very important. An amazing fish with fantastic colouration that loves swimming in the open.

A real winner!


Venestus (Nimbochromis Venestus) or Giraffe Cichlid
Venestus or Giraffe Cichlid (Nimbochromis Venestus)
Photograph by Mike Peel

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