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The stunning Flame Angelfish

Blog post written by Andy | 16 October 2015 | Category: Marine fish

If there is one fish for the marine aquarium that I think is a "must have" it's this little cracker.

The Flame Angel (Centropyge Loricula) is a dwarf Angelfish found in various locations in the Pacific. It is in my opinion one of the most stunning fish to keep. Every individual is unique with a slightly different pattern depending on the area in which they are found. They have vertical dark bars on top of a bright red or orange body.

One of the most appealing aspects to this fish is its adult size of only 4" which is tiny compared to the majority of Angelfish. They are very shy when first introduced into an aquarium but after a few days they grow in confidence and will start picking at the live rock searching for food. They enjoy a mixed diet of foods including brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, Spirulina-based foods and marine algaes. They have been known to nip at some stony corals and clams but usually with a well-rounded diet this can be avoided.

They need to go into a fairly mature system with lots of live rock and hiding places, I usually recommend them to be one of the last fish to go into a system but they are well worth the wait. You still need to be careful when selecting tank mates, as a fish of too similar colour can cause friction but this is more on the rare side.

It's a fish that ticks almost all of the boxes and in my opinion one hard to beat in terms of colour and personality. It's why I have put one in our show aquarium and I love him!


Flame Anglefish
The stunning Flame Angelfish. Come in and see one in our show tank.