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The seven aquariums of Jenny (and her family)

Blog post written by Gary | 10 May 2017 | Category: Case studies

I have known Jenny for many years, but her love for fish goes back to 1985 when Jenny and her husband Paul bought their first tropical aquarium. This was followed by a second tropical hexagonal aquarium that I sold to her when I worked at Keston.

When Keston closed Jenny was finding it difficult to buy good quality fish and to get expert advice. However, in a chance meeting I had with Jenny in Petts Wood, I mentioned we had opened an aquatic shop at Coolings.

Jenny came into Weald and saw the wide range of fish and aquariums we have in stock and decided to buy a Juwel Rio 125, which was set up as a community tropical aquarium.

Noticing the cichlid display aquarium which had recently been set up Jenny decided to turn the Rio 125 into a cichlid aquarium with the community fish being moved to her son’s aquarium. When the Rio 125 became too crowded, Jenny upgraded the cichlids to a Juwel Rio 240 and populated the Rio 125 with gouramis.

Not content with two tropical freshwater aquariums, Jenny and Paul decided to install a tropical marine Juwel Lido 200 in the front room.

In February this year at Weald we set up a Betta Trio display aquarium but before we had filled the aquarium with fish Jenny had decided another aquarium was needed for the dining room. This brought the number of aquariums to four. Two months later Jenny added a Biorb Tube 30 to her collection of aquariums.

I asked Jenny if the Biorb was the final aquarium. Her reply was “I don’t think so”.

Other members of Jenny’s family have aquariums including her daughter Kate who has a small Aquael tropical aquarium and Jenny’s father-in-law whom I have known for many years and who travels up from Eastbourne to buy his fish and aquarium supplies from us. Finally, Jenny’s son is contemplating having a cichlid aquarium in his new house to keep Jenny’s grandchild entertained.

Jenny spends Saturday morning cleaning all seven of the aquariums, the Rio 240 taking the longest.

Asked what fish is her favourite, and she’ll tell you straight away that it’s cichlids. However Jenny has introduced discus into the Rio 125 so maybe she will change her mind.

Jenny’s Aquariums by room

Front Room

Lido 200 Marine Aquarium

Biorb Tube 30 Freshwater Tropical

Dining Room

Rio 240 Cichlid

Rio 125 Discus/Gourami

Betta Trio 2 x Crayfish/ 5 x Dwarf Puffers/ 3 x Frogs

Kate’s Room

Aquael Tropical

I will return to chat with Jenny at a later date to see if any more aquariums have been added!


Jenny is finding it hard to choose the next Malawi Cichlid
Jenny is finding it hard to choose the next Malawi Cichlid


"Which corals can I have?" Jenny asks
"Which corals can I have?" Jenny asks