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The Picasso Trigger fish

Blog post written by Andy | 13 March 2014 | Category: Marine fish

Some of the most amazing looking fish for a marine system are unfortunately not always safe and compatible with corals and other invertebrates, I suppose if they all were it would be too easy! Invertebrates are usually the hardest things to maintain in a marine system so more and more people are starting marine aquariums without them to get into the swing of things.

We have a lot of customers that keep "fish only systems" or "predator Tanks" containing some truly amazing fish: Lionfish, Puffer fish, Eels, Trigger fish, Tusk fish, Sharks... the list is endless. One of my personal favourites is the Picasso Trigger fish. It's an amazing looking fish that's constantly active and has a real personality.

The Picasso Trigger (Rhinecanthus aculeatus) is found on reefs in the Indo-Pacific and usually frequents the shallow  sandy areas around the coral reef. They are constantly cruising around looking for food and eat just about anything, so shrimps and crabs are a massive no. They are fantastic looking fish with a creamy body and what seems like multi coloured war paint on their faces.

They will generally get to a decent size of between 6"-10" so they need to be housed in a suitably large aquarium with decent sized, robust tank mates. The aquarium needs plenty of rock work to allow the fish places to hide and also pieces to graze on to try and keep their beaks trim, so again corals and invertebrates are not recommended.

They have real personalities and we have many customers say they feed the fish by hand, dangling pieces of fish and prawns in the water. I wouldn't recommend this as they do have fairly powerful beaks and an accidental "nip" would be an unwelcome surprise.

Out of all the fish we keep in the shop, the Picasso trigger tends to get a lot of attention as they constantly cruise the front of the display tanks looking for their next meal. We have a great specimen in the shop at the moment so why not pop in and see him.


Picasso Trigger
The Picasso Trigger fish