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The patter of tiny fins

Blog post written by Andy | 06 June 2013 | Category: Tropical fish

I always say it's a healthy fish tank when fish breed in it, so its always nice when we have fish breeding in the shop.

We now have a tank of baby African cichlids (Marble Aulonocara, Orange Pseudotropheus and Blue Pseudotropheus) born in the shop.

The fascinating thing about these fish is that they are mouth brooders. The female holds the fertilised eggs in her mouth where they develop into baby fish in the safety off their mother's mouth.

In this state the females can become thin as they don't feed and are then susceptible to being picked on. By gently removing the fry we allow the females time to recover and regain their strength before going back into the main aquarium.

So we now have a tank full of tiny fish swimming around - see our picture below or, better still, come down and have a look! 


Baby African cichlids