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The Marines are coming...honestly!!

Blog post written by Andy | 06 June 2013 | Category: Marine fish

It has taken a little longer than expected but the marine systems are on their way. I know there have been a few of you coming in every week to check on our progress so thank you for your patience and support.

After a few weeks of planning and many discussions, I can happily say that Gary and I have finally drawn out our designs and sent them off to our tank manufacturers for construction so there really is no going back now.

It's been really encouraging to see how many people are genuinely excited at not only seeing all the different types of fish and corals but at the thought of keeping them as well. We have actually had a couple of customers order aquariums weeks ago, waiting for us to set them up as marine systems when our aquariums are in place - so no pressure on us then!

Keeping marine aquariums happy and healthy is a little more involved than other aquariums. They require more time and dedication if you are going to be successful but they are worth it... and then some.

Once you have seen a decent marine aquarium there really is no competition, it's the ultimate in fishkeeping.

The basic principles are the same: water changes, water testing, filter cleaning and correct equipment, but they are more in depth and the routines need to be carried out more frequently.

I could write a hundred pages on keeping marines, the various equipment and other people's opinions on how to keep them and I would still have only scratched the surface. I will write regular pieces to try and help guide you through this amazing hobby.

Jon wrote a good blog post a while ago as a basic introduction to marine keeping so feel free to have a look to get you started. 

The best thing to do is to come in and have a chat with one of us. I have been itching to get some display aquariums going since we left our old shop and as customers would travel from miles to see them, I hope you will enjoy them too.


Marine fish
Marine fish
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