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The Hygrophila family of plants

Blog post written by Gary | 06 February 2013 | Category: Aquarium plants

If you want a fast growing tall background plant for your aquarium the Hygrophila or Hygro family of plants is ideal. When fully grown they will form a dense background and will also float on the top of the water giving hiding places for small fish.

At Weald we have three varieties in stock, Hygrophila Polysperma, Hygrophila Rosea Australis and Hygrophila Guanensis. (Polysperma and Guanensis are shown in the two pictures below). All will grow to a height of about 50cm (20 inches). Both Hygrophila Polysperma and Hygrophila Rosea Australis have small broad laves with a rounded tip, the Rosea Australis having a red tinge to the leaves giving a subtle contrast between the lush green and pink/red on the leaf. On reaching the top of the water both plants will continue to grow by floating on the water.
Hygrophila Guanensis has longer leaves with a rigid stem which will allow the plant to grow out of the water.

Propagation of the Hygro family is easily made by removing the top 2 or 3 inches and replanting the cutting into the gravel. The cutting will quickly root and grow up to the top of the aquarium. As with all our potted plants it is best to remove the pots, being careful not to damage the roots. Adding a liquid fertilizer will keep your plants strong, hardy and will also promote deep colorful foliage.


Hygrophila Guanensis
Hygrophila Guanensis


Hygrophila  Polysperma
Hygrophila Polysperma