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The Green tiger barb

Blog post written by Andy | 10 May 2017 | Category: Tropical fish

Some fish have bad reputations, one of them is the Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona).

You might have heard of them - nippy bad tempered fish that will rip any other fish’s tails to pieces. Sound a bit of a nightmare don’t they?

As with all fish, if you keep them with the wrong tank mates you are going to get issues. Barbs as a family can be nippy, but only to long-finned fish such as Bettas or Guppies. As long as you keep the correct tank mates then barbs are an incredibly rewarding family of fish to keep.

They are very active and do much better in a small shoal. I recommend groups of six or more fish. They will chase each other around to establish a pecking order. Because they are really active they thrive better in an aquarium with plenty of swimming space. You should still provide cover with plants or wood as it will make them feel more comfortable knowing they can find refuge if needed and it will make them more inclined to stay out in the open. There are many varieties available but my favourite colour is the green. There are not many green fish available and they make a stunning display fish as these deep green metallic looking fish dart out from behind plants and wood.

They like a varied diet and regular water changes to keep those colours bright and strong.

Strong filtration helps to not only keep the water chemistry in top condition but also creates more flow which these fish love.

They get to around 2½ inches long so are not a small fish and when it comes to tank mates, shorter finned, more robust fish such as other barbs, catfish, cichlids, larger tetras and rasboras should all be fine.

These really are a fantastic fish to keep. A planted aquarium with a decent group of green, gold and standard tiger barbs looks amazing. Just think about those tank mates!


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The Green tiger barb (puntius tetrazona)