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The Black Moor

Blog post written by Andy | 04 May 2013 | Category: Coldwater fish

Following on from my last post I decided to do a piece on one of the most popular fancy goldfish available, the Black Moor.

The Black Moor (Carassius auratus) is a fancy breed of goldfish with a velvet black colour and those characteristic "Bulging" eyes. You know when a customer is near the Moor tank because you suddenly hear "Look at the eyes on that fish!!"

Like most fancy goldfish they can reach a length of up to 10" and have an average lifespan ranging from 6 to 20 years. They have large deep bodies and long flowing fins. When young they look like bronze fantails and their black colour and large eyes develop with age. Colours can vary from a copper colour to a metallic grey. A true Black Moor makes a fantastic contrast in a mixed fancy goldfish aquarium.

As with all fancy goldfish, due to their body shape they are not the fastest of swimmers and can be bullied when kept with normal breeds of goldfish. Normal goldfish tend to eat all the food before the Moor has had a look in so I tend to recommend them being kept with other fancy goldfish.

They don't like very fast water movement so go easy with power heads but as they are a type of goldfish you do need decent filtration. They do well in a fairly well planted aquarium and can tolerate a variety of temperatures. As with most fancy goldfish, they can suffer with swim bladder problems if just fed a floating dried food. We find giving them a combination of sinking pellets, frozen food and vegetable wafers really keeps them happy.

Black Moor are a real stand out fish in a cold water aquarium and you can see why they are so popular.


A true Black Moor
A true Black Moor makes a fantastic contrast in a mixed fancy goldfish aquarium


We also have this variant called a Panda Moor
We also have this variant called a Panda Moor. They are quite difficult to get hold of. (At the time of writing this blog, we have four in stock).