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The Anubias Plant Family

Blog post written by Gary | 15 January 2016 | Category: Aquarium plants

If you are looking for a tough, long-lasting plant for the aquarium, one of the best plants is the Anubias family.

The Anubias family does not need to be planted in the aquarium substrate as in the wild they are normally found growing on the wood or rocks found in the rivers and lakes. In the aquarium, if the plant is not attached to any bogwood or ornaments the rhizome must be kept above the gravel to keep the plant healthy.

The Anubias range of plants can grow between 10cm and 80cm making them ideal for both nano and large aquariums, and also as both foreground and background planting.

Two of the Anubias plants we keep in stock are the Anubias Nana which is a very hardy, slow-growing plant with a deep green colour. Suitable as a foreground plant in Discus aquariums, it will thrive when grafted onto bogwood and ornaments. The second is Anubias Heterophylla a quicker growing plant with light green, slightly curling leaves which can grow between 60cm and 80cm, ideal as a background plant and in large aquariums.