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Rummy nose Tetra (Hemmigrammus rhodostomus)

Blog post written by Andy | 08 June 2012 | Category: Tropical fish

I hope everyone enjoyed the extended Bank holiday weekend (all of you out there who were working as well - I salute you comrades!) and made the most of what little sunny weather we had.

As the weather has been pretty rubbish and people haven't been out and about much, we are finding more and more customers playing around with their fish tanks and a big thank you to everyone who has brought us in a photograph to stick on our wall, but there is still loads of room so please feel free to bring one in if you haven't!
I thought for this month I would give you a break from Cichlids and talk to you about a really great but sometimes overlooked fish, the Rummy nose Tetra.
The Rummy nose Tetra (Hemmigrammus rhodostomus) is a member of the Characin family and native to South America. It is one of several very similar looking fish available in the hobby (Hemmigrammus bleheri and Petitella georgiea) but this is the one most commonly found for sale.

The Rummy nose Tetra is a fantastic looking fish that generally reaches about 2". They have a silver body with a hint of green running through when they become mature. They have almost translucent fins and an amazing looking tail consisting of several black and white horizontal stripes. The main area of colour, as the name suggests, is on the head and running just past the gill covers, and is a bright, rich red colour.

Rummy nose Tetra are a typical shoaling fish which need to be in as large a group as possible. We tend to recommend at the very least 4 but a shoal of 6-12 fish will be much happier. They will also give a much greater impact visually as they shoal really tightly at times and a large group of "bright red heads" looks amazing.

They are not a very demanding fish to keep as long as water quality is maintained regularly and they are not mixed with boisterous tank mates. They are a very peaceful fish so ideal for a mixed community aquarium with a Ph of around 6.4 to 7 ideally.

They like a large amount of swimming space so a fish tank of around 100 litres or bigger is preferred. Some areas of dense vegetation such as cabomba or ambullia towards the back of the tank will make these fish feel secure and encourage them to swim out in the open.

Feeding is not really a problem and these fish will accept a variety of dried food but, as with all fish, they will benefit from a change in diet from time to time. The addition of live or frozen food twice a week will keep these fish in perfect condition and keep that red colour bright.

They are a relatively long-lived fish with an average age of between 4-6 years but on occasion they have reached 8 or 9.

Rummy nose Tetra are a great fish to keep - undemanding, colourful and very peaceful. They pretty much tick all of your fish boxes and I recommend them highly!

If you have any questions on anything "fishy" please don't hesitate to contact us through our website or pop into the shop and we'll do our best to help!

See you soon!!


Rummy nose Tetra in our aquariums
Rummy nose Tetra in our aquariums