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Pond Water Gone Green? Tetra Algorem will clear the pond in a few of hours

Blog post written by Gary | 14 August 2019 | Category: Ponds

Here at Weald Aquatics we test the products we sell to make sure they really work. So when our pond fish units which were moved outdoors in the spring started to go green we decided to try out the products we have in stock for removing green water.

After a number of tests we found Tetra Algorem to be the most effective in removing the green water and for keeping the water clear of suspended algae for a number of weeks.

For an on-going test we are now trying Tetra Algorem in the new pond at Coolings on Rushmoor Hill. We will keep you informed of the results.


Tetra Algorem
Keeps your pond clear
We recommend Tetra Pond Algorem to keep your pond clear of green algae.