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Pond Plants - Deep Water Marginals

Blog post written by Gary | 05 September 2013 | Category: Ponds

Pond plants are normally split into four categories: marginal, deep water, floaters and oxygenators.  In this blog we will cover the deep water plants.

The two types of aquatic pond plants which will thrive in water down to depth of 1 metre are lilies and deep water marginals, both are available in 3 litre pots.

We currently have a list of 72 varieties of water lily (Nymphaea), which are split into 4 colours (white, pink, red and yellow) of which the white variety Alba is native to the British Isles.

As mentioned previously some varieties of lilies can be planted down to a depth of 120cm which will then give a spread of 180cm or more when fully grown. The majority of lilies will have a planting depth of between 15cm and 100cm which will then give a spread of between 50cm and 120cm.

For small ponds there are dwarf and Pygmy lilies available with spreads of 30cm and small leaves which will not crowd the pond.

Deep water marginals as the name suggest are marginal plants which will thrive in pond depths down to 100cm in the same zone as water lilies. There are 6 varieties we have in stock of which 4 are native to the British Isles.

Shade is provided by the deep water marginals on the water surface by the floating leaves, helping to reduce algae. Flowers from deep water marginals are borne on the water surface or held above the water. Some are scented, some exotically fascinating, but all will bring beauty to the pond. The long underwater stems of the plants will provide excellent habitat for water insects and water snails.

Below is a list of popular lilies we keep in stock depending on availability and the season.


Mrs. Richmond
Marliacea Carnea

Charles De Meurville
James Brydon

Lemon Mist
Joey Tomocik

Dwarf and Pygmy
Little Sue - red
Perry’s Baby - red
Pygmaea Alba - white
Pygmaea Helvola - yellow

Here at Weald Aquatics we are “Be Plant Wise” which means we follow the Defra and OATA code in not selling invasive aquatic plants. If you would like more information on what plants are invasive to the countryside pop into the shop and pick up the leaflet Be Plant Wise.


Examples of four different coloured lilies: Gonnere, Marliacea Carnea, Attraction and Lemon Mist