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Plastic Plants v Real Plants

Blog post written by Gary | 24 June 2016 | Category: Aquarium plants

Which is best for aquariums plastic or real plants?

In the shop we have a wide range of plastic plants to choose from including multicoloured, bright red, bright green and many more with deep colours and varying shapes.

Plastic plants are easy to look after and keep clean. When they become dirty or covered in algae the plastic plants can be removed and cleaned overnight using Interpet’s Plastic Plant and Ornament Cleaner. When clean they can simply be placed back into the aquarium. Many customers have a number of plastic plants which they rotate frequently giving the aquarium a different look every time the plants are cleaned.

If you have large fish which root around the substrate or Silver Dollars which will munch your real plants then plastic plants are the ideal solution. Plastic plants have a plastic trough at the base which fills with gravel anchoring the plant firmly in the gravel resisting all attempts by the fish to dislodge it.

Real plants will aid water quality, absorbing nitrates and other nutrients and helping to keep algae under control. Also real plants will help balance the aquarium water and provide natural cover for the fish. Almost all real plants are green with just a few in red, so if you want a big display of colour, real plants are not the answer.

As with any living organism, real plants will need to be looked after. Regular water changes and adding fertiliser will help plants to grow. If plants start to overcrowd the aquarium they can be cut back and possibly planted in another part of the aquarium.

Finally both real and plastic plants can be mixed in the same aquarium. The choice of which plant to use in the aquarium is down to how you want your aquarium to look.


Real plants in an aquarium
Real plants in an aquarium


More plants in one of our aquariums
More plants in one of our aquariums
A selection of highly colourful plastic plants
A selection of highly colourful plastic plants