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Phosphates In The Aquarium

Blog post written by Gary | 26 August 2016 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

You will find both man-made and natural sources of phosphates in freshwater and marine aquariums.

These phosphates will feed problem algae which, in a freshwater aquarium will cover the gravel, ornaments and plants making the aquarium unsightly and also causing the plants to die back through lack of light on the leaves.

In marine aquariums nuisance algae can overrun and again cover the corals, potentially killing them. High phosphates in a marine reef aquarium will also cause problems for corals by affecting the formation of coral skeletons.

Phosphate levels in freshwater aquariums should ideally be below 0.04 mg/l and in marine aquariums should be at a lower level of 0.016 mg/l.

To achieve low phosphate levels in the aquarium water, regular water changes will help as this reduces phosphates from the food fed to the fish. However tap water also contains natural phosphates which are not removed by using a water conditioner.

The most effective way to remove phosphates from the aquarium water is by using a granular phosphate remover such as Rowaphos or API Prevent Algae. These are placed in the aquarium filter and removed when exhausted. The length of time the phosphate removal media is in the filter will depend on the level of phosphate saturation in the aquarium.

For more information regarding Rowaphos why not come in and chat to us.


Rowaphos and API Prevent Algae
Rowaphos and API Prevent Algae - two tools in your armoury against phosphates