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Pentazona Barb

Blog post written by Andy | 07 April 2011 | Category: Tropical fish

Barbs have got quite a reputation. I would love to say it's all lies but the majority of barbs can be "nippy" and I would never rcommend you keep them with anything delicate or with long flowing fins such as fighting fish, guppies, angelfish etc.

However as with everything there are always exceptions! There are a few select members of the barb family which are a lot less boisterous and generally friendlier to your fish. One such character is the Pentazona or five banded barb Puntius Pentazona. It is a lovely coloured fish with a salmon pink body and deep green stripes. It is also a fish  which stays a reasonably small size of around 2". It is a rather shy fish unless you keep them in a small group of 4 or more where it will shoal around the middle and bottom of your aquarium. They prefer a planted aquariums with lots of vegetation to swim around. A shoal of around 8 of these looks great swimming against a green backdrop of plants. Try and avoid brightly lit aquariums as they prefer more subtle lighting or try to create areas of shade using tall or over hanging plants.

They are omnivorous so will accept a range of dried foods such as flake or small pellets and granules, but as with all fish the addition of frozen or live food occasionally will really help them to colour up.

Pentazona barbs are a really easy fish to keep in a community tank and the smaller aquarium and I would recommend them to anyone!